About us

The fashion platform, known for three years as the Ostrava Fashion Weekend, turns into a Czechoslovak Fashion Week. With a new name, our fashion platform goes beyond the boundaries of the region, and more over. It outcomes the standards of the fashion weeks in Europe.

With the outstanding feature of “Fashion Week WITHOUT BOARDERS”, we bring a whole new level of opportunity for both, fashion professionals and enthusiasts as well as fashion customers.

The ambition of the first Czechoslovak Fashion Week, which will take place on 15th -19th March 2019, is to create a space for dialogue not only at the creative level but especially at the commercial level. We want to present the quality of the Czech and Slovak design scenes to foreign markets, both through the products themselves, but also with the help of a unique digital story that we will talk about throughout the online stream.

World-class guarantees are names that resonate successfully in foreign fashion circles. Be part of this unique story too! Watch our site to learn more.